Lady Strong’s Bonfire is a Bristol based theatre company, co-founded by Tomasin Cuthbert, Liz Hart and Tessa Bide. We make powerful and joyous theatre for predominantly adult audiences with passion, integrity and a team of talented hand-picked collaborators. We currently have 3 shows in the making and there are several opportunities coming up to meet us and get involved.

The Bed is the journey of a woman and is a celebration of some of the most potent times in her life. The times of changeover. Her gateway times from One to Other. Using mask, puppetry, clown, visceral physical performance and a hypnotic original sound-score, we delve into the dream world, the physical world and everything in between. The Bed is the first theatrical endeavour from Lady Strong’s Bonfire and you can come and see it at The Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol, May 3rd – 5th 2016 8pm.


We have been developing our new piece of outdoor theatre this summer called The Environs. This is a lively family show created with Soap Soup Theatre and is about the impact of humans on the seas. Our Arts Council funded development period saw us diving into some pretty harrowing research, aided by our partner The Marine Conservation Society and Director Amy Rose. The show is now up and running and has become a celebration of the diversity of nature. It is wonderfully visual, funny and interactive AND includes original music from sound designer and composer, Chris Menes. Now booking for summer events 2016.

We are also cooking up a new one-woman show, performed by Liz Hart called Mummy Monster. This will be a site-specific theatre show, performed to live adult audiences in a kitchen. Liz has been exploring how to continue devising theatre work whist caring for a young children and Mummy Monster will be the outcome. Mummy Monster will be a woman’s journey from a seeming state of balance into a monstrous state where she is no longer fully in control. It is an exploration of the times when you, as a parent “lose it” and will be an honest look at the pressures of parenting. It will be frank, ferocious and playful and has just recieved funding from The Arts Council of England to get it up on its feet during 2016.

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