The EnviRons

Roll up, Roll up my dears to our once upon a time! Time is the question isn’t it my friends? We had all the time in the world… but we were out of time! But what time was it? What time indeed? It was after your time, after the before time, long long long after to The Great Afterwards. Where we live. In our flooded desert of a world….

For the summer of 2016 and beyond, Lady Strong’s Bonfire in collaboration with Soap Soup Theatre, and partnered by The Marine Conservation Society and Coexist will be touring our first production for outdoor and indoor events and festivals.

The show is inspired by the on-going human impact on the environment. The news is full of worrying stories of climate change, fracking, deforestation, over-fishing, air-pollution, sea-pollution…the list goes on and on. We have made a show that celebrates the diversity of nature, as well as a look at the relationship humans have with the natural world, from the point of view of future travellers, looking back on the time we live in now, while coping with the world they have been born into – the flooded earth of the future.

The set is a mobile installation, manned by two puppeteers/performers who will bring to life the story of their journey from an alternate, flooded future earth. Expect physical comedy, puppetry, clown and talking underwater creatures as we combine the visual theatre expertise of Soup Soap and Lady Strong’s Bonfire with immersive sound design by Chris Menes. The Environs is a roaming and fixed site piece of outdoor theatre, with an environmental theme, for audiences of all ages.

Adrift. Eddying on the vast flotsam filled ocean like another plastic bottle among many. Bobbing along, brushing up against the thousands of old toothbrushes, shopping bags, lost trainers and cotton buds in the search for a little taste of something green. Oh for a morsel of seaweed! Oh for a nibble on a clam!


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Designs for The EnviRons. Spring 2015

Rehearsals of The EnviRons. Summer 2015

Images from The EnviRon’s premier at Shambala 2015

Funders and Partners for this project are The Arts Council of England, Coexist and The Marine Conservation Society